Prestige Shrub & Tree truck
Customers frequently ask our advice on the best tools and information to keep their yards looking their best. We have put together this list of recommended resources.


Timber Press Pocket Guide to Japanese Maples

This is an excellent book if you are interested in Japanese maples, by one of the foremost experts on the subject!


Ames True Temper Adjustable Thatching Rake

This dethatching rake design is one of the best for easy dethatching, especially in emerarld zoysia.

Felco Pruners

These are one of the best pruners made. We keep a pair of Felcos in every truck. They are a little pricier than some but the quality is unbeatable.

Felco Pruning Saw

Another tool we keep in the trucks. This is great for smaller branch pruning jobs. The blades are extremely sharp, designed for easy sawing and produce a very clean cut.

Chipmunk Traps

I have used the Tomahawk live trap to virtually rid my property of chipmunks. The trap is easy to set and effective and allows you to easily relocate the offending munk without hurting it. This trap is also great for mice and other small rodents.

Silky Brand Folding Saw

About the same cost as the Felco folding saw but easier easier to use with a more aggressive tooth pattern. This is my personal favorite.

pH Meter

For those of you interested in monitoring your pH this is the type of meter we use. It gives very accurate readings and is simple to use. These are a little pricey but are quality instruments.

Soil Sampling Probes

This is a good basic soil probe similar to the type we use. This allows easy sampling of soil in your landscape. The construction on these probes is much better than the cheaper models. The cheaper models tend to bend and the tips wear our rapidly.

Mole Killer

This is one of the most effective products available for elimination of moles. If you follow the directions this product will work like a champ! This easily out performs all other mole treatments including traps, poison peanuts, gas and repellants.

3-D Coyote

These 3D coyotes are used to repel animals such as geese, beavers and other rodents.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

These motion activated sprinklers are useful when used in conjunction with spray repellents and other deterents to discourage nuisance wildlife.

Animal Repellent

This repellent has been shown to be very effective to reduce browsing by deer, squirrels and rabbits by providing both smell and taste and taste barriers. If browsing pressure is higher, involving multiple animals, then barrier fencing may be the best alternative.

Animal Barrier Fence

If your browsing deer populations are high then fencing may be the best alternative to a repellent. This is a very light weight but strong, easy to handle fencing material that is effective in excluding deer from your landscape or individual plants.

Snow & Ice Melter

For de-icing your driveway and sidewalk, this product is much more eco-friendly than the usual salt based de-icers!

Buck Off Deer Repellent

Buck Off Deer Repellant by Cleary's

One of the best deer repellants on the market! It is pricey but it does work if you follow the directions. This product is much more rain proof than other repellants on the market. (More info)

Available at Howard's Fertilizer Company in Alpharetta, GA (678-297-7668).