Common plant problems in the Atlanta area
Atlanta’s growing season provides plants with almost year around growth. Because of this long growing season pest populations can build to thresholds where plant damage can occur. The natural and man-manipulated environment in Atlanta can also cause stress and eventual decline in our landscapes and forests. The following is a list of some of the more common pests, cultural problems and environmental problems we may encounter year to year.

Annual blue grass

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Annual bluegrass, also called Poa annua , is that small green weed with white seed heads that appears in your warm season turf in the late winter.  Poa can always be a problem but especially in lawns that are heavily compacted.  Heavily maintained lawns, such as reel mowed lawns, are even more heavily compacted. 

Once compacted the pre-emergent weed control cannot move into the root zone to prevent the poa from germinating thus you get the early flush of Poa before the turf has greened up in the Spring.  These lawns must be aerated once per year at the minimum, if not twice per year, to reduce the compaction.

Proper aeration to reduce compaction and proper fertility will greatly reduce Poa activity when on a lawn care program but in some lawns, due to sub-standard growing conditions, Poa can be a recurring problem.

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