Common plant problems in the Atlanta area
Atlanta’s growing season provides plants with almost year around growth. Because of this long growing season pest populations can build to thresholds where plant damage can occur. The natural and man-manipulated environment in Atlanta can also cause stress and eventual decline in our landscapes and forests. The following is a list of some of the more common pests, cultural problems and environmental problems we may encounter year to year.

Drill/Soil Aeration

to improve drainage and soil oxygen levels. In our compacted soils water does not readily penetrate and oxygen levels are very low. The Soil:Air:Water continuum is the relationship of these three elementals. For proper growth it is essential that the ratio of the continuum is 50% soil, 25% Air and 25% water. When this ratio varies, root systems cannot efficiently and effectively perform their operations thus causing the plant to decline.

Proper planting in well drained soil and subsequent aerations helps to maintain the proper ratios and allow the plant to properly develop and thrive.


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