Common plant problems in the Atlanta area
Atlanta’s growing season provides plants with almost year around growth. Because of this long growing season pest populations can build to thresholds where plant damage can occur. The natural and man-manipulated environment in Atlanta can also cause stress and eventual decline in our landscapes and forests. The following is a list of some of the more common pests, cultural problems and environmental problems we may encounter year to year.

Freeze Damage

Winter damage or freeze damage takes many forms, from the more common burnt look on leaves to odd patterns appearing in the leaves.  In many cases freeze damage can mimic disease.  When the moisture freezes inside the plant tissue, ice crystals are formed and plant cells are damaged.  The plants respond to this damage in various ways.  Consequently, we see various visual indicators of the damage.  Most of the plants will recover but you must prune back this damage to help the plant initiate new freeze damagegrowth.  Recovery in most case may take until June if the plant is healthy.

camellia freeze damage

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