Common plant problems in the Atlanta area
Atlanta’s growing season provides plants with almost year around growth. Because of this long growing season pest populations can build to thresholds where plant damage can occur. The natural and man-manipulated environment in Atlanta can also cause stress and eventual decline in our landscapes and forests. The following is a list of some of the more common pests, cultural problems and environmental problems we may encounter year to year.


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Yellow Leaf Drop On Magnolia - If you are seeing yellow leaves develop on your magnolia, do not fear. This is normal for magnolias as they transition from spring to summer.  Do check your watering schedule to be sure they are receiving adequate water. more...
Yellow Leaves And Leaf Drop A Yearly Occurrence - As we move into late July, we always see quite a lot of yellow leaves, especially on flowering cherries, poplars, birches, dogwoods, sycamores, sweetgums and even pines. more...